Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will going to this school give me the same education as a traditional high school?
Yes. Online courses must meet the same Michigan Merit Curriculum Standards as a traditional district school.

2. Do I graduate with a high school diploma from VLA?
Yes, you will graduate with a diploma from VLA.

3. Who does the Virtual Learning Academy accept for students?
Any student between the ages of 16-22 who has voluntarily withdrawn for more than 30 days or has been expelled from high school within the St. Clair County lines.

4. How expensive is it to go to this school?
It is free.

I am really far behind on credits and I don't even know what I need to graduate. Who will help me determine what I need?
Our enrollment specialist will help you chart your best map for success. Your transcripts will be analyzed to see what you will need to graduate and your classes will be assigned to you based on that information.

6. Are online courses easier than traditional courses?
Yes and no. Just like in the traditional classroom, there are positives and negatives about learning online. Some students express frustration about technical quirks, but overall they report that it is nice to work at their own pace and not have to deal with the dramatics and other distractions of a traditional school experience.

7. I'm not a computer expert. Will that be a problem?
No, because during our orientation classes, students quickly gain confidence and knowledge in terms of both academics and computer skills.

8. What if I don't have a computer at home?
You may do all your classes on our VLA campus or we can lend you a computer to take home. Students and/or their guardians are responsible for the care of any loaned out VLA equipment and will be expected to pay for any and all damage to the computer or if the computer is lost or stolen. There are no exceptions.

9. I have my own laptop. May I use it at the VLA instead of a school-supplied computer?
Yes, but any Internet sites accessed on the VLA campus must be in accordance with our school-appropriate use policy.

10. How many hours a week will I spend at the VLA?
Each student has a personalized academic plan that determines the amount of time a student works on site or at home. Virtual Learning Academy students must commit to spend a minimum of 30 hours a week on their school work.

11. How many total hours a week should I expect to spend on my courses?
Individual times may vary, but you should anticipate spending 30 hours a week (4-5 hours a day). Of those 30 hours, at least 5 hours will be spent at the VLA building.

12. Who will help me if I get stuck and don't know how to doing something in my courses?
We have certified teachers and counselors that are here to support you and do "whatever it takes," whether it be emotional, technical, or academic support.

13. What time is the building open?
The building is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., with the exceptions of a few holidays.

14. What about snow days and inclement weather?
You will be notified or you can contact your teacher mentor. You can also still log in from home and work on your classes, even in inclement weather.

15. Is the VLA building ever closed?
The building is closed for a few holidays throughout the year. However, students will still be expected to complete their hours.

16. I don't have a license. Is there any type of ride-share assistance?
Students are allowed to independently arrange their own rides with fellow classmates. Also, the Blue Water Area Transit Dial-A-Ride system is fast and inexpensive, and financial aid for bus tickets is available to those interested.

17. Is there a cafeteria on campus?
No there is not a cafeteria on campus, but students are welcome to bring their own food.

What about if I'm interested in joining the workforce or going to college after I graduate? Is there anyone there who can help me with all the paperwork?
Absolutely! Our staff is here to do "whatever it takes" to help you succeed in the future. We have access to many programs and career building services to help you in the next step after you earn your diploma.

19. What if I don't pass my class?
Students always pass their classes. With e2020, a student will not be allowed to continue with the course until he/she earns a passing grade for every quiz and test. This way, a student will never fail a class.