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Parent Involvement Policy

Parent Involvement Policy

Student Requirements

  • Students are required to complete 30 hours of work on Edgenuity each week by Saturday at midnight
  • Work online 5-6 hours daily
  • We also look for 4-8 activities to be completed each hour

What if a student does not meet these requirements?

The following steps will be taken if a student fails to meet these requirements:

  • The student will be contacted by their teacher mentor to explain why they have not met the requirements
  • The teacher mentor will contact the parent or guardian of the student if the issue occurs for more than two weeks
  • A parent/student/teacher meeting may be set up to discuss possible resolutions 
  • A contact and/or meeting with the principal may be set up to discuss the student's future at our school

What if the school's equipment gets stolen or damaged?

Each student and their parent or guardian are responsible for keeping our equipment in the condition that it was lent to them in. If it is not, you will be charged for the replacement of the broken or missing items.

  • Mifi Charger Cord $30
  • Mifi $200
  • Chromebook Bag $20
  • Chromebook Charger Cord $50
  • Chromebook $300

Parent Connect

Every student that completes orientation is given a Parent Connect account which enables you as the parent to check in and see how many hours your child is logging in Edgenuity. It is a great way to be up to date on how many hours they have been on Edgenuity, but also to see how well they are working by looking at their number of activities. If you do not have an account set up please call the front office at (810) 364-1362, we would be more than happy to set you up with one.

Click here to go to Parent Connect 

Click here to go to Student Log-in 


Educational Services

Our school offers many helpful educational services that are available to most of our students. Please take some time to look at the following links to see if any of these services are applicable to your child.