Transparency Reporting

Virtual Learning Academy of St. Clair County

COVID-19 Extended Learning Plan

This plan does not replace the District's COVID-19 Preparedness & Response Plan. It is an additional plan that includes new assurances and sections on educational goals, instructional delivery, grading, and equitable access. Here is the link to VLA's Extended Learning Plan that was approved by our authorizing body, St. Clair County RESA, on September 28, 2020. Please see the links below for our educational goals progress updates.
Goal Reporting - February 1, 2021
- Goal Reporting - June 30, 2021 (coming at the end of the school year)

VLA has held 3 professional development days (6 hours in duration each) for staff since the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. Topics have included Google Classroom, Cleaning Protocols, a book study on the Pandemic Population, School Improvement, and Tech Tools. Our PD scheduled in February will cover topics including Xello Career Exploration, Legal Updates, and Building Student Relationships.
Use of Google Classroom and the staff created Supplemental Instruction YouTube Videos has been discussed with students and parents using social media, mailed home newsletters, and our school App. Given that VLA is an online program, further instructions to access and use virtual content was not necessary as this instruction is provided for all students when they enroll during their information meetings and orientation.

Weekly Two-Way Interaction Percentages

VLA is reporting two (qty. 2) two-way interactions percentages every week. These will be posted after each monthly board meeting.

Two-way interaction defined: An interaction between student and teacher of district employee that is relevant to the course content or progress in the course. The interaction is prompted/initiated by one party and responded by the other. (A mass email by itself will not suffice). These interactions may occur through but not limited to: email (again, there has to be some sort of back and forth communication), telephone, text messaging, face-to-face conversations, a completed homework assignment. **Attendance in a face-to-face or synchronous learning environment fulfills the to-way interaction requirement.

Week of (9-6-20) - not tracking yet
Week of (9-13-20) - 51.4%
Week of (9-20-20) - 63.8%
Week of (9-27-20) -  67.1%

Week of (10-4-20) - 69.2%
Week of (10-11-20) - 68.8%
Week of (10-18-20) - 62.4%
Week of (10-25-20) - 62.9%

Week of (11-1-20) - 51.4%
Week of (11-8-20) - 36.7%
Week of (11-15-20) - 70.1%
Week of (11-22-20) - 52.5%
Week of (11-29-20) - 63.1% 

Week of (12-6-20) - 66.0%
Week of (12-13-20) - 68.8%
Week of (12-20-21) - 0.7% (VACATION)
Week of (12-27-21) - 0.0% (VACATION)

Week of (1-3-21) - 62.4%
Week of (1-10-21) - 57.7%
Week of (1-17-21) - 58.2%
Week of (1-24-21) - 62.4%
Week of (1-31-21) - 55.8%



The information below is available through the Michigan School Data Portal:

  • Report card with three years of data

  • Graduation and dropout rates

  • Average class size in grades K-3 (Not applicable)

  • College Readiness as measured by MME test scores

  • Elementary and middle school MEAP scores (Not applicable)

  • Enrollment information

Fiscal Year Board Approved Budgets
 2020-21 Fiscal Year

2019-20 Fiscal Year                            

  2018-19 Fiscal Year                            

2017-18 Fiscal Year              

Year End Financial Statements

Personnel Expenditures

Current Operating Expenditures

Collective Bargaining Agreements

The Academy has no bargaining agreements for the fiscal year ended June 2020.

Employer-Sponsored Health Care Plans

Audited Financial Statements

Medical Benefit Plan Bids

Procurement Policy

Expense Reimbursement Policy

Accounts Payable Check Register

Employee Compensation Information

  • The Academy has an assigned Chief Administrative Officer and Superintendent through a third party (St. Clair County RESA) at a contracted cost of $2,500.00 and did not pay employee salary and benefit costs for a superintendent in the fiscal year ended June 2020.

  • The Academy did not have employee wages in excess of $100,000 for fiscal year ended June 2020.

  • 2019-20 List of Teacher and Administrator Salaries and Benefits - No salaries that meet the State requirements to post under this category for year ended June 30, 20209.

District Paid Association Dues

2019-2020 paid association dues

  • State of Michigan – $20    

  • Amazon - $119   

  • Sam's Club - $100       

District Paid Lobbying Costs

  • The Academy did not pay any lobbying expenses for fiscal year ended June 2020.

Approved Deficit Elimination Plan

  • The district has not incurred a deficit.

  District Credit Card Information    

District Paid Out-of-State Travel Information

  • There was no out-of-state travel to report for year ended June 30, 2020.

Board of Education information




  • Technology Plan

  • Technology protection measures and Internet safety policy

Annual Reports

Educator Evaluation Systems Postings and Assurances

State-approved Teacher Evaluation Tools

State-approved Administrator Evaluation Tools